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The Wonderful World of Wuppo’s New Trailer

Wums, Fnackers, and "Other Strange Creatures."

| @SuperIndieIO

Knuist & Perzik released a new trailer of their upcoming title Wuppo today. The trailer details the world of Wums, Fnackers, and “other strange creatures.” Players take control of a single Wum as they travel the vast and hand-drawn world of Wuppo.

“… and other strange creatures”

The announcement trailer opens with the appearance of the four species in Wuppo. The Fnackers immediately turn against the other three who banished them to the bottom of a sinkhole. The other three strange creatures take off into the world to form their own societies. The player will take control of a single lost Wum in a 2d action platformer. As a result, you will travel to the major metropolitan cities that the creatures have built. Finally, you can check out the trailer below.

The Dutch studio is scheduled to release their game in September this year. Wuppo is being being published by Soedesco. The game is available for pre-order on Steam.