Valve Opens Up Steam Direct

Open the Floodgates of Steam Direct

| @SuperIndieIO

Today Valve shutdown the old Greenlight process and finally opened up its new way of publishing direct to Steam. Steam Direct now allows individual developers and other small studios to publish straight to the Steam platform. The price to put a game on the platform is currently $100. Previously needing to jump through hoops of cultivating a community around Steam Greenlight, Steam Direct cuts out most of the hassle.

In respect to Steam Greenlight, in a blog post today Valve mentioned that nearly all remaining campaigns were accepted. The final total left waiting for approval was 3,400. Only a few remaining games were not accepted. According to Valve it was “due to insufficient voter data or concerns about the game reported by voters.” Look for an onslaught of new releases on Steam in the next couple of months. As both Steam Direct and the remaining vestiges of Greenlight begin to flow through the platform.

How Will the Community React to Steam Direct?

The program is not without both its detractors and proponents. Some indie developers are excited to move past what was becoming an archaic system of prostrating themselves for votes. Other developers are concerned that the barrier to entry has been lowered too far, and the quality of content on Steam will bottom out. It is worth noting that there are other platforms like which do not require the same $100 and nearly anyone can launch a game there. Is it on Valve to be keepers of quality on their platform like a Nintendo, or Microsoft, or does it in the long run benefit everyone to open the Steam platform to the world?

With both the acceptance of 3,400 new games and the opening of the new process, it will be an interesting time to see how the community reacts.
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