Check out Totemori for Your Latest Local Multiplayer Needs

Chaotic Tower Building at its Finest

Totemori could be the center-piece of your next party game night. It is both fun and free to play, and easily supports 4-players

The end goal of the game is to have more points than your opponent at the time limit, but getting there is not so easy. You can pickup the falling stones and boulders to place on top of other blocks to start a tower. Each section on your tower earns you points over time. While you build up these mighty totems, your opponent is working to undermine you. Everyone can build on top of your tower, then claiming it for their own. Those points now start accumulating for the placer of the topmost block. Strategically building your own towers while simultaneously impeding your opponents gives the game quite an interesting amount of depth.

Build the Tallest Tower in Totemori

Built as an incubation of ideas by Mito Studio, the game is free on both Steam and, and is available on all three PC platforms.

Check out the gameplay above for a quick look at the game, and go to the site here to download and play.