This Means Warp Pre-Alpha

This Means Warp Shows Off Pre-Alpha Gameplay

Overcooked takes flight to fight in an FTL-like universe.

| @SuperIndieIO

Earlier this week, the team at Outlier released some pre-alpha footage of their upcoming rougue-lite space combat game, This Means Warp. The game is designed with frantic Overcooked style single-screen multiplayer in mind. Judging by the footage, it blends that multiplayer madness along with the infinite replay of FTL.

This Means Warp does promise online multiplayer in addition to local co-op. With the hardcore crowd in mind the rougue-lite mechanics do have permadeath in mind. While not available for purchase yet, it is slated to release on Steam in 2021. Check out the pre-alpha footage below.

[Video and Image via Outlier Youtube Channel]
[Available via Steam]