[WATCH] Shattered Realms – New Trailer and Demo Out Now

More Street Fighter Than Streets of Rage

The South Africa based developer, Kopskop Games, has put out the demo to their upcoming brawler, Shattered Realms. In addition, a new trailer detailing some of the intricacies is out as well.

The game is touted as a modern brawler inspired by the 2-D fighting scene. The game is more in line with Street Fighter than Streets of Rage. It features a six button layout with a fleshed out combo system that will feel familiar to fighting game fans. Also featured is a 1v1 mode and Co-Op for those with a player 2.

Check out the trailer on Youtube above and the demo below on Itch.io.

[Shattered Realms Site]
[Demo on Itch.io]