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#ResistJam Begins Tonight

Fight the Power!

| @SuperIndieIO

Tonight is the launch of Resist Jam on The theme of the jam is to create positive change on a global level. Resist Jam is presented in partnership with IndieCade, and being run by a few other individuals and publishers. Tyler Coleman, one of the founders of the jam, expressed his hope in the outcome of the small event, “Our objective is harness the creativity of indie developers from around the globe and get as many people making games as possible.”

Resist Jam will be begin tonight, March 3rd, at 8:30PM EST and run through March 11th. No explicit prizes are announced for the event outside of ” the friends, the game, the knowledge and stories, you find along the way.”* The focus of the theme is to create a game resisting authoritarian or other overt powers.

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