Powerhoof Bringing Regular Human Basketball to Steam

Like Mike: A Human Who Plays Basketball

| @SuperIndieIO

The studio behind Crawl released a blog post today about their next game. Regular Human Basketball is coming to Steam sometime next year from Powerhoof. Almost two years ago the team put together a free version of the then two (now four) year old game jam concept and released it on They are now taking the original game jam concept and expanding it even further.

Here are some of the additions and features of the upgraded version –

– Online + Splitscreen Multiplayer for 2 or more humans.
– Lifelike physics simulates over 4 human emotions.
– You and your teammates share control of the various parts of your human- including thrusters, magnet arm and all-terrain wheels.
– Realistic basketball commentary from real human commentators.

[Powerhoof Blog]

The original free version is still available on Don’t forget to check out the Powerhoof blog for more details.

[Powerhoof Blog]
[Free Version]