“Ori and the Blind Forest” Releases its Retail Special Edition

Not to be lost in the shuffle of E3, Ori and the Blind Forest release a physical special edition Last year’s Metroidvania darling, Ori and the Blind Forest, has been re-released today in retail stores with two new versions. Moon Studios, the Microsoft backed studio, has put out two new versions of the game on […]

Mode 7 Plays Through Tokyo 42

Mode 7 Runs Through the Daily Life of the Voxel Assassin Tokyo 42‘s publisher, Mode 7, put out a game-play run through today of the title. Combat, stealth, and story was addressed in the update to the isometric assassination game. First in the video a multiplayer mode is briefly demonstrated that appears similar to Spy […]

Yooka-Laylee Is Headed for E3

Yooka-Laylee’s developer Playtonic announced dropped the news that the developer and game will be previewing at E3 this year. In the same release the developer also admitted to a delay in the games release to Q1 2017. Despite the delay the developers made a firm commitment to the release timeline of the multi-million dollar funded […]

Moonlighter Kickstarter Announced

Today, Digital Sun Games announced the Kickstarter for their upcoming action-rpg Moonlighter. They are looking to raise $40,000 to put out their game on all three PC platforms and the major console systems, XboxOne and PS4. The lowest tier that the game is available at is the $15 Kickstarter tier. The game features a non-traditional […]

Guardians of the Rose Kickstarter Launch

Today PixelxPixel announced their Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming 2D Action RPG, Guardians of the Rose. The game features a fully open 2D pixel world to explore. PixelxPixel is looking to fund the game at $7,500, with their first goal aimed at $15,000.

Blacksea Odyssey Release Date – June 1st

Team Blacksea Odyssey announced today that their upcoming game, Blacksea Odyssey, will be releasing June 1st on Steam for all three PC platforms. The game features a rogue-lite rpg system on a top-down 2d plane where players are tasked with hunting down and tearing apart colossal creatures. The game takes inspiration from the Cthulu mythos […]

Kevin the Destroyer – Crawl Updated to Version 0.9

Powerhoof, the studio out of Melbourne, Australia, released the latest content update to their game Crawl. The four player competitive co-operative title has reached version 0.9 in it’s early access state. A half dozen new monsters have been released for the game including the titular “Kevin the Destroyer” have been added in this new update.