Rising Islands Release Date Announced – August 2nd

Lone Hero Studios has announced the release date of their upcoming action platformer Rising Islands. The game will launch on for Windows PC on Steam on August 2nd. The developer is partnering with Sodesco Publishing for the release. With the announcement comes a new gameplay trailer showing off the traversal mechanics. The traversal mechanics of […]

Kickstarter Your Week – Ikenfell – Wizards of Legend – Moonlighter

Every week I like to peruse through Kickstarter the notable campaigns launching and closing. This week, I found two newer campaigns that got off to a hot start, and one campaign coming to a successful end. Wizard of Legend and Ikenfell have both jumped to a hot start. Ikenfell’s campaign is nearly funded as of this […]

CrossCode Advances to v0.7

Radical Fish Games released a new update to their current Early Access game CrossCode today. With the new update they added a few new levels for players to explore in addition to some visual upgrades. The character portrait story elements have been cleaned and brought into a more consistent style according to the developer. Players […]

CapRiders Arrives on Steam Early Access

CapRiders, the indie bottle cap soccer title, released earlier today on Steam. The game will begin in Early Access before fully launching later this year. Gamers who buy the game now while in early development can save 10%. Most local multiplayer games feature a 2-4 player limit depending on the game type and style of the […]

“Ori and the Blind Forest” Releases its Retail Special Edition

Not to be lost in the shuffle of E3, Ori and the Blind Forest release a physical special edition Last year’s Metroidvania darling, Ori and the Blind Forest, has been re-released today in retail stores with two new versions. Moon Studios, the Microsoft backed studio, has put out two new versions of the game on […]

Mode 7 Plays Through Tokyo 42

Mode 7 Runs Through the Daily Life of the Voxel Assassin Tokyo 42‘s publisher, Mode 7, put out a game-play run through today of the title. Combat, stealth, and story was addressed in the update to the isometric assassination game. First in the video a multiplayer mode is briefly demonstrated that appears similar to Spy […]

Yooka-Laylee Is Headed for E3

Yooka-Laylee’s developer Playtonic announced dropped the news that the developer and game will be previewing at E3 this year. In the same release the developer also admitted to a delay in the games release to Q1 2017. Despite the delay the developers made a firm commitment to the release timeline of the multi-million dollar funded […]

Moonlighter Kickstarter Announced

Today, Digital Sun Games announced the Kickstarter for their upcoming action-rpg Moonlighter. They are looking to raise $40,000 to put out their game on all three PC platforms and the major console systems, XboxOne and PS4. The lowest tier that the game is available at is the $15 Kickstarter tier. The game features a non-traditional […]

Guardians of the Rose Kickstarter Launch

Today PixelxPixel announced their Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming 2D Action RPG, Guardians of the Rose. The game features a fully open 2D pixel world to explore. PixelxPixel is looking to fund the game at $7,500, with their first goal aimed at $15,000.

Blacksea Odyssey Release Date – June 1st

Team Blacksea Odyssey announced today that their upcoming game, Blacksea Odyssey, will be releasing June 1st on Steam for all three PC platforms. The game features a rogue-lite rpg system on a top-down 2d plane where players are tasked with hunting down and tearing apart colossal creatures. The game takes inspiration from the Cthulu mythos […]

Kevin the Destroyer – Crawl Updated to Version 0.9

Powerhoof, the studio out of Melbourne, Australia, released the latest content update to their game Crawl. The four player competitive co-operative title has reached version 0.9 in it’s early access state. A half dozen new monsters have been released for the game including the titular “Kevin the Destroyer” have been added in this new update.