Forager on Humble Bundle

Not Done Exploring New Worlds? Check Out the New Forager Demo

Minecraft Meets Waterworld

| @SuperIndieIO

Hop Frog put out a more polished demo of their upcoming game Forager. The game spawned originally from a GameMaker Studio game-jam late last year, and is now scheduled to release in full next year. This year however we get to see it in action on Also in the release is the announcement of Humble Bundle’s involvement. They will be publishing the game on their platform and Steam.

In the video dev blog, we learn about the fundamental changes made to combat, inventory, and exploration. The current version features a procedurally created world, which will NOT be featured in the final release. Forager will feature a full fleshed out open world upon release. More items and structures will be available to craft and use, while combat will be feature complete.

The demo of Forager is now on will a final release sometime next year. Check out the video dev-blog from Hop Frog above for more details.

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