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Jump launches its indie gaming on-demand service today. They are launching with just over 60 games as promised. Only being announce a few months ago, and coming out of a seemingly successful beta, Jump has garnered a few top indie gaming gems for its lineup. Check out the comprehensive list of the Jump launch lineup below.

6180 the moon [Turtle Cream]
8Bit Fiest [Frozen Dev AB]
A Wizard’s Lizard [Lost Decade Games]
Acorn Assault: Rodent Revolution [High Tale Studios]
Actual Sunlight [WZO Games]
Adventure Lamp [Ryan Davis]
Along the Edge [Nova-box]
Always Sometimes Monsters [Vagabond Dog]
Astervoid 2000 [Mad Capacity]
Balthazar’s Dream [Psilocybe Games]
Bard’s Gold [THREAKS GmbH]
Beatbuddy [THREAKS GmbH]
Bebop and Tempo [Brandon Dominguez]
Beholder [Warm Lamp Games]
Big Tower Tiny Square [EvilObjective]
Cats are Liqiud [Last Quarter Studios]
Conga Master [Undercoders]
Cyber Complex [PolarityFlow]
Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor [Sundae Month]
Drive!Drive!Drive! [different cloth]
Dungeon Rushers [Goblinz Studio]
Ellipsis [Salmi Games]
Enchanted Cave 2 [okshur]
FOTONICA [Santa Ragione]
Gunhouse [Necrosoft Games]
Ittle Dew [Ludosity]
Kick Ass Commandos [Anarchy Enterprises]
Lethal League [Team Reptile]
Life Goes On: Done to Death [Infinite Monkeys Entertainment]
Lucius Demake [Shiver Games]
Luxuria Superbia [Tale of Tales]
Lyne [Thomas Bowker]
Mirror Moon EP [Santa Ragione]
Molemen Must Die [Mokomoto]
Necrosphere [Cat Nigiri]
Orion Trail [Schell Games]
Polandball [Alien Pixel Studios]
Pony Island [Daniel Mullins Games]
Rashlander [Ryan Davis]
Red Game Without a Great Name [iFun4all]
Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball [Erik Asmussen]
Roque Quest – Episode 1 [Expera Game Studio]
Roque Quest – Episode 2 [Expera Game Studio]
SIHEYUAN [We Are Muesli]
SOYF [Egonaut Games]
Sally’s Law [Nanali Studios]
Semispheres [Vivid Helix]
She Remembered Caterpillars [Jumpsuit Entertainment]
Sproggiwood [Freehold Games]
Steel Rain [Polarity Flow]
Stunt Runner [Kermdinger Studios]
Super Lovely Planet [QUICKTEQUILA]
Super Win the Game [Minor Key Games]
Tallowmere [Chris McFarland]
Teslagrad [Rain Games]
The Bridge [The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild]
The End Is Nigh [Edmun McMilen, Tyler Glaiel]
Thing-in-Itself [Party for Introverts]
This Book Is A Dungeon [Nathan Meunier]
Tumblestone [The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild]
Yi and the Thousand Moons [David Su]
Zenge [Hamster On Coke Games]
Klocki [Rainbow Train]

Some games to check out first – Always Sometimes Monsters, Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor, Lethal League, Mirror Moon EP, and Teslegrad.

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