Godot Engine Patreon Achieves its First Milestone

The Milestone and What is Next for the Small Game Engine

| @SuperIndieIO

The free and opensource game engine, Godot Engine, has reached its first goal on Patreon. Juan Linietsky, the lead developer and one of the founders, set an initial goal of $3,000 per month in order to focus his efforts on the engine full time. In just over a month since launching they have reached that goal. Without royalties or other paid addons, this free engine is primarily supported through the efforts of the community and the developers now being paid by the Patreon.

In a blog post on the Patreon page, Juan further detailed his next goal.

Our next goals (set at USD 4,500 and $6,000) will be to hire some of our core developers part time on short contracts (1-3 months) to work on important and demanding features.

– Juan Linietsky

Godot Engine is currently sitting at version 2.1.4. With additional time and focus on the indie gaming engine, more effort can be put into bringing it to version 3.0. The Patreon has over 300 patrons and now over $3000 in revenue per month.

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