Crawl "Giant Rat" Update

Giant Rats Invade the Dungeons of Crawl

Crawl Through the Dungeon in this Early Access Update

| @SuperIndieIO

Powerhoof’s Crawl¬†updated to version 0.10 yesterday releases a host of new features, creatures, and bugs fixes. The previous update, Kevin the Destroyer (v0.9) had a plethora of new monsters to control. The latest update focuses on everyone’s favorite monster – the rats.

,The two newest monsters added to the mix are the vermin soldier and the rodent summoner. The vermin soldier is the obvious upgrade path to the already implemented rat. Now more humanoid and wielding a sword, the rat’s upgrade path looks more formidable. The rodent summoner, on the other hand, is impossible to skip past on your next run through Crawl. Being able to summon a small army of smaller rats is going to make it difficult for human players to advance through a room with six more creatures gnawing at their legs. This rat shaman looks like an exciting addition to the roster of monsters.

Giant Slimy Tentacle and the Three Headed Hydra

In addition to the new playable rat monsters, the boss monsters are tweaked as well. Kourok, the ugly, slimy, tentacled first boss of the game, has seen some improvements. Both the AI for the boss and the power of the monsters slime attack upgraded. Previously when a player entered a boss battle, the next time a boss was encountered, the even was randomized. Now, when a boss is chosen, the remaining two encounters are the same boss. Some players might find this to be a bit boring and stale. While this could force some more boring encounters with the last boss, it will also likely allow the players to better prepare for the boss itself.

Not to be outdone by his predecessor, Ghidraak, the Hydra, is also changed. The player will no longer gain as much health from the wizard who assists in battle. To counteract that, Ghidraak’s severed heads will have reduced health.

Find all changes on Crawl‘s Steam page and check the game out now on Early Access.

Info and Image via Press Release