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Calling upon the heritage of classic tactical RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics and Disgaea franchises comes Eden’s Last Sunrise. The team at Sungazer Software has launched the Kickstarter campaign with a meager goal of $25K. In conjunction with the campaign’s launch, they have released the complementary demo of the upcoming title.

Eden’s Last Sunrise promises to deliver from two sides during its campaign in its future-fantasy setting. You can choose between the “magic-wielding Dwellers or the technologically-advanced Spacefarers.” In addition to branching campaign paths, the game features numerous classes and a social system for your player characters.

The Kickstarter campaign looks to be a short and simple. Beyond the initial goal of $25K, Sungazer’s stretch goals only reach to a $65K goal, currently not revealed. Elliot Mahan, the producer and developer on the project, has placed a short time limit on the campaign. You have until February 8th to contribute to the project, and if estimates for the final ship date are to fall into place, the game will launch in December of 2019.

The game is scheduled to release on PC platforms and PS4. Check out some gameplay for the demo below.

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