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AIRHEART Greenlight Announcement Trailer

A Rougue-Lite With Airplanes

| @SuperIndieIO

The cleverly named AIRHEART was announced today by Blindflug, an independent Swiss studio. The studio released their announcement trailer, new artwork for the game, and began their Steam Greenlight campaign today. The goal is to get initial access to Steam and release the game first in Early Access before fully launching at a later date.

A Rouge-Like With Airplanes

AIRHEART is a game about a sky fisherwoman named Amelia. The game is a “rogue-like dieselpunk action game” where you fly a plane and battle skypirates. The game features the player flying amongst floating islands in a colorful sky. There is a customization system to your plane, where you can add different weapons, and change the design of the body and wings. You can check out the announcement trailer below.

Check out AIRHEART on Steam Greenlight now.

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